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Not sure why I'm updating

I guess this is a quick update on my life since my last update which was before I left for the Tyler Place in the summer of 2006. I have a lot of ground to cover, but I'll just go over the basics.

My summer in Vermont was amazing. I met a ton of cool people and partied way too much and lost more brain cells than I had anticipated. Coming back to school in the fall, I found it difficult even to type a coherent sentence. As time went on, I got back into the groove of things.

Fall '06 by far was my most trying semester. Nothing really seemed to be going right. I was working 35 hours a week saving up all the money I could for a trip to Japan over Christmas break (more on that later), I had 17 units, most of which were major courses that took a lot of me, and my unavailability for those I care about really took its toll on them and me. My girlfriend and I have since broken up, but are remaining friends. I think it should be for the better. So far we're getting along much better this way.

I just returned from my fantastic trip to Tokyo and Hokkaido. It was a lot of fun and plenty of photos are posted on facebook. In a way going there was kind of a relief. I felt like I was finally doing something for me - which I hadn't been able to do for an entire semester.
The hardest semester of my life is finally over. It ended much better than I expected, thanks to adderol. I guess the last time I updated was when I was in Hawai'i. Since I got back, life's been busy busy busy for me. I was working nearly 30 hours every week at Gladstone's (or Sadstone's as we employees affectionately called it). In addition to that, I had projects due out the ass and barely enough time to keep my sanity. Amidst all this, I was able to begin a new kind of relationship with Vicki. We'd been hanging out for so long together and after our vacation in Hawai'i we realized how much we liked being around each other and that we were ready to take our relationship to the next level. I'm really happy in this relationship and I miss her a lot right now. When the semester ended, I came out with really good grades! 1 A, 3 A-'s, 1 B+, and 1 B. Sweet! That definitely helps the GPA. Being a business major is awesome and I'm so pleased that my fluke change ended up being something that I wont regret. I started thinking today that I need to get a good internship for next semester that I can stick to for a while. During 2005, I had so many freakin jobs and it seemed like I couldn't keep any of them, not because I would get fired, but because I was bored of them or they just ended. I want to find something that will set me down the right career path in the future. But, that's what this summer will be for.

Once school ended, Vicki and I got to chill in Malibu for about a week. We hit up Universal Studios one day and that was a blast. Then we went down to Coronado to chill there for a few days. Too bad it was cold the entire time because that beach is frickin sweet. We spent Cinco de Mayo in Tijuana and got absolutely fucked up. Lucky for us, the trolly ran right by our hotel (but not too close so we wouldn't hear it during the night, though we did hear other, more passionate sounds from our neighbors).

I'm glad to be back in the south though. I need that bi-annual dosage to keep me sane and to remind me why I am living in California now. As soon as I landed in Atlanta, my parents drove me a strenuous 7+ hours to Louisville, KY. It was refreshing to see my papaw, aunts, and cousins. At the same time, it was a reality check. It reminded me that my roots were deeply set in poverty and that I should not be so grateful for what my parents have already done to make my life better than theirs. We don't have a lot, but we sure do have more than what my dad did growing up. The pecuniary differences aside, my brother's and my relationship with our parents is stronger than what my dad relates to me of his own childhood. In our lives built on hard work and perserverance, we've got a family rich in love, culture, and support. I couldn't ask for more (though, most of the times, I find myself asking my parents for more money!)

Then we took the 3 hour drive (which ended up taking most of the day because of our side trip to Horse Cave, KY to see Hidden River Cave (formerly Horse Cave, hence the town's name)) to Clarksville. This trip ended up being really awesome because I saw a different side to Clarksville than I had ever experienced before. Even on our way into Clarksville, my dad got lost around Bowling Green and we took backroads across the northern part of Tennessee. We went through Springfield and saw the kind of place that most Tennesseans call home. It was so beautiful and I wondered what life might have been like had I grown up in a city smaller than Clarksvegas. When Chanda came to visit me, we took a drive around Clarksville down some roads that I had never fully explored before. Amish people even waved at us in their horse and buggy!! YEE HAW! I called it a successful trip when I had finally seen everyone that I wanted to see. I got to hang out with Ambur (we went to see Cirque du Soleil in Nashville!), Chanda (we smoked together!), Myumpo (didn't do much with her - long story), Brandon, Sheena, and Vanessa (we went bowling and I scored 110!!!). By then, I was ready to go. Oh! My nephew and neice are the cutest babies on the planet, by far! I want to take them with me! Millie, my brother and sister-in-law's dog is equally cute and my wish applies to her too. Family time is definitely good.

So here I am in Atlanta. I'm absolutely bored out of my mind. That should change tomorrow when Moms and I go explore the city. Though, I'll make it clear that I'll be driving, since Moms ran a STOP SIGN yesterday! She scared me to death. I am hoping that I'll be able to see my friend Adrianne while I am here. Anyway, Friday is just around the corner and my summer vacation can start to be a little more stable. All this traveling has got me restless for some rest!

On Friday, I'm going up to New York City! I'm gonna chill with Vicki and explore that city a little bit. I'll be staying with her until Wednesday morning, when I fly to Vermont to stay for the summer. I've got this job at this really random resort that nobody I've spoken to has ever heard of. Waiting tables will be my summer job. Hopefully this all pans out really well. From reading the packet, it could either be a great place for college students to meet each other, while working on the side, or a place where college students are worked to death in exchange for a few meals and a roof over their head. I'll be sure to update on how that goes. But, for now, I'm excited about spending the summer in northern Vermont. I've already got big plans to visit Montreal, Canada. I also want to buy a bike while I'm there so I can ride it "into town" (four miles away!!) to purchase toilletries and the like.

Alright, lest this become a short novel, I'm gonna cut it off here. I need a cigarette and some sleep.

Beginning May 26, 2003, all mail to me can be sent to:

Joseph Kennedy
c/o The Tyler Place
P.O. Box 245
Old Dock Road
Highgate Springs, VT 05460

Take it easy y'all,

I'm out.



Good news everyone! I've made it safely to the Honolulu international airport and am waiting for my connecting flight to Maui. I had no clue that Hawaii was so far away (it took us five hours over the Pacific from LA to get here). Who knew? Anyways, the weather is great here. I'm actually appreciatory of the fact that it was freezing the past few weeks in Malibu because now I can enjoy the change in temperature. I haven't really seen much of anything yet, save a palm tree here and there. Though, I must say, I really enjoyed the aerial view of the islands. My body is starving to be saturated in that warm salt water.

I am so glad spring break is here. This semester has been hell so far. On top of working 30 hours a week and taking 17 units (most of which are major courses), I had a surgery and stuff that I had to take time to recover from. I'm pretty proud of myself to tell you the truth. It was such an ordeal to get everything done, but I knew that the moment it was all done and I tried my hardest that it would be very rewarding. I can just kick back now and relax in the tropical waters of Hawaii and enjoy this time off. I smell the best spring break ever creeping up on me.

Ha ha, Vicki and I joked last night about how I wouldn't wake up in time. She knows me too well. Apparently she called me at 4:30 and had a whole conversation with me and she heard my alarm clock go off and everything. I was unaware of this conversation until she called me back at 5:30 to tell me she and her family were at Pepperdine to pick me up. "SHIT!" She knew exactly what that meant. So, against my will, I have entered Hawaii without showering or shaving (the latter, for 3 days).

I'm really enjoying the Japanese culture here. Though, all I can really pick up on is "arigatoo gozaimasu".

Ok, I'm bored with updating. I'm gonna go smoke or something.

Happy Spring Break to one and all. I hope you all have a great & safe time.

Aloha! Saiyoonara!
I now have California plates on my car. I didn't think I would be doing this. My intentions have always been to preserve my "heritage", I suppose, for Tennessee. For the time being, I'm keeping my bank account in Tennessee.

I saw the strangest thing at work the other day. Anthony Hopkins came into the restaurant and sat with his friends, disheveled and frightful looking. I really didn't pay much attention to him, but when I started to think about him eating, I couldn't resist from looking. Anthony Hopkins - EATING! Brain food* for that matter. It gave me the chills just to think about it, but to actually get to see this sight, I lost control and couldn't help but to laugh to cover up my fear.

When I was talking to my coworker about this, we started to list our celebrity sightings, and I thought it would be a good idea to list the celebs I have seen and the situation behind the sighting.

Jamie Lynn Spears (filming at Pepperdine)
Fat kid from That's so Raven (filming at Pepperdine)
Britney Spears (at Blockbuster, then spoke to her at Pepperdine campus)
Pamela Lee (walking around Pepperdine)
Jay Leno (at his show)
Ebert & Roper (on Leno)
David Spade (at Ralph's)
Ellen Degeneres (at her show)
Fran Dresher (on Ellen)
Cameron Diaz (on Ellen)
Erik Estrada (on Ellen)
uh... Kevin Federline (at Blockbuster with Britney)
Diane Keaton (at Gladstones)
Anthony Hopkins (at Gladstones)
EDIT 2/18/06 11:46 PM Josh Groban (at Glastone's - spoke to him for a few moments - he enjoyed his meal)
EDIT 2/19/06 9:46 PM Stevie Wonder (at Gladstone's - encouraged him to have a great day)
Nick Carter (at Gladstone's - asked various questions related to seating him at a table. He was in a party of five and I later made a funny "Looks like he likes being in groups of five! Baziiiiing!")

I feel like there's more. I may have to edit this later if I remember more.

Oh yeah, I might go to Alaska or Wyoming this summer. :)
I'm so tired of writing IF, AND, OR, and NOT functions.

3 days later

3 days later and all I've eaten is 7 pudding cups, a little bit of pasta, a slice of pizza, half a pepperoni, and a little bit of ice cream. My weight has gone from 121 lbs to 113 lbs.
somebody kill me. My vicodin hasn't taken effect yet and I'm super thirsty. I can't force but a few teaspoons of water down at a time and I'm peeing way more than that. I'm afraid I'm going to lose about 10 pounds. I've been the same weight for years and to bring me down to 110 is scary for me and scary for anyone who would have to look at me.

ooooooooooooow. my throat hurts.

on the bright side, everyone brought me balloons! hooray! :)
I'm back in Malibu and loving it. The weather (for the most part) has been great and I've not missed but 1 sunset since I've been here. I started working at Gladstone's 4 Fish on Wednesday and since then I've put in about 26 hours. It's wearing me out. Needless to say, I didn't kick the habit this week. I kept on saying tomorrow, tomorrow and now my surgery is tomorrow. I tried so hard today but when I was at work, I got so grumpy and moody that I had to go to the gas station and buy some reds.

Which brings me to the best news I've written in here in a while, medically speaking - my tonsils are being taken out tomorrow! I have had these since December 2004 and it is now a full year later.

Ok - I'm bored of writing. I'll soon have nothing to do (unless I decide to keep up with my homework) so I'll be writing more later.

Yay Vicodin!

what is blogging?

The semester is winding down and for the most part, I feel complete. I've had a crazy semester. It feels like it's lasted so long - partly because I haven't been home since the beginning of May. I can't wait to go home. Seeing everyone will be grand. I feel like a geek, but I want to visit my high school again.

I went to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. My first time there and I wasn't able to completely enjoy it simply because I'm not 21 and I got sick there. I didn't let the latter stop me from doing anything I normally would have, but my fear of getting caught kept me in line with the former.

Uh... I'm going to buy Christmas gifts (somewhat last minute) so I'll update more on another date.

This entry seems somewhat pointless. For that matter, so does blogging.

Janice Dickinson

So I saw this thing on MySpace about the Janice Dickinson project that was calling for aspiring models of all shapes and sizes. We go at like 5:30 or so and wait in line from 8:30 till 11:00 when they give us red papers telling us to come back at noon. We meet some really cool people in line and we went to get some starbucks for lunch. When we came back, within 30 minutes, we were standing in front of Janice. I was first in my group and she said to me, "You're too short. What makes you think you can be a model?"

"Well, you said you don't care about how tall you are."

"What? I didn't say that. You're too short."

Backtracking a little bit *shows video footage of Janice speaking to everyone on top of a makeshift soapbox*, we see Janice here talking to everyone in line. She says, "I don't care if you're short, fat, tall, skinny, got bad acne. We can fix everything." Apparently I was confused because I thought it wouldn't be runway stuff. I thought it would be commercials and just regular photography. But, either way, I told myself I wouldn't be disappointed by the results at all.

However, a scout did come up to Jennifer and I (a freshman that went with me) and gave us her card and got our information. She's gonna contact us. :)